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Discover the Advantages of a Family Dentist

When considering a family dental practice, you likely think of the pediatric dental options that it offers. However, patients of all ages can benefit from the values of a family dentist.

The specialized training and tools on hand at a family dentist’s office can help you reach your oral health and smile aesthetic goals. You can learn more if you schedule a consultation appointment. Dr. Denise Halliburton, a dentist practicing in Ellicott City, MD, lists three benefits you will notice when you seek dental care from a family dentist.

family dentist in Ellicott City Maryland

Why Choose Family Dentistry?

We Care About Patient Comfort

Young children often feel nervous and have trouble sitting still in the dentist’s chair during their appointments. The staff at a family dental practice understands this anxiety and works to make sure children feel at ease in their dentist’s office.

This approach extends to all of our patients, no matter their age. We want to make sure patients feel comfortable in our care, so we maintain open communication through every step of the dentistry process.

Do not hesitate to ask our staff any questions about your care. We also have optimal equipment and training to ensure minimal discomfort during any dental work. You can learn more about your specific anticipated dental procedures when you visit our office.

We Emphasize Comprehensive Dental Care

A family dental practice can help patients with acute dental concerns, but we encourage our patients to visit us for routine appointments to keep their smiles looking and feeling their best. Dentists recommend scheduling regular cleanings and exams every six months to prevent dental damage and stop any issues from causing severe and irreversible harm to your teeth.

A family dentist hopes to maintain a long-term relationship between the dental team and their patients. This way, we can monitor potential problems and ensure they do not cause pain or other unpleasant symptoms down the road. For instance, routine x-ray imaging can keep an eye on wisdom teeth growth, pulp vitality, tooth decay, and many other dental factors.

We Stay Prepared for Any Dental Scenario

Children can be unpredictable, and our team is prepared to handle any dental problem in these young patients that may arise unexpectedly. This readiness extends to adult and senior dental patients as well.

If you experience tooth pain, you should not have to suffer until your next routine appointment. Call your dentist with any concerns, and they can provide advice for managing the issue or recommend coming into our office for prompt treatment. Our personalized approach to dentistry ensures we can find a solution to suit your unique dental needs.

Visit Your Family Dentist in Ellicott City, MD

Halliburton Family Dentistry provides both preventative and emergency dental care to patients of all ages in Ellicott City, MD. Dr. Halliburton also specializes in cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry, including periodontal care. To schedule an appointment with our practice, reach our office by phone at 443.232.0656  or contact our staff online.