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Porcelain Veneers Improve Oral Health

Dentists suggest porcelain veneers to their patients who seek long-lasting treatment to enhance the way that their teeth look. These shells attach to the front of teeth to construct a brighter and straighter smile according to their unique aesthetic goals.

Though the cosmetic benefits are evident, veneers can improve the health of your teeth as well. The shells can act as protection too, helping you avoid dental emergencies. Read on to find three ways that porcelain veneers can improve your dental health beyond just the appearance of your smile.

dental health improvement with porcelain veneers

3 Oral Health Benefits from Porcelain Veneers

Replace Weakened Tooth Enamel

Your teeth have a hard outer layer that serves as a shield for the more sensitive interior of your teeth. Though durable, enamel may erode or wear down over time, leaving the inner layers exposed and at risk of dental dangers like plaque and bacteria.

Enamel will not regrow on its own, but your dentist can replace weakened enamel to restore your dental structure. Porcelain veneers can serve as a replacement for thinned enamel on the front of your teeth.

The shells will cover weak spots in this area of the teeth. They will then shield the inner layers of the tooth once more. The durable porcelain of the fixtures and the secure bonding holding the veneers in place will keep your smile protected for fifteen or more years with proper care.

Fix Minor Tooth Breakage

Your teeth can endure wear and tear from chewing and biting without issue usually. But accidents may occur that may break your teeth. Severe dental injuries like tooth fractures will need emergency dental work to repair.

You can cover smaller chips and cracks in your teeth with porcelain veneers. These will rebuild the shape of your teeth to improve your smile’s appearance.

But this treatment will also ensure that these dental injuries will not deepen or worsen over time. The coverage from these fixtures will stop plaque and bacteria from harming this part of the tooth. Seek prompt treatment for tooth breakage so that these vulnerable areas of your smile will not leave you with other dental problems.

Enhance Your Oral Hygiene

Aesthetic concerns in your smile, like gaps or crookedness in the teeth, could also put your oral health at risk. If you have overlapping or irregular spacing in your teeth, it can be difficult to brush and floss your teeth effectively.

If plaque remains on your smile because you cannot reach certain spots of your teeth, it will eat away at your teeth. You could have a higher risk of cavities and other dental problems this way.

When you get porcelain veneers on your teeth, you construct a straighter and more even smile. You can more easily clean veneers because you can access the entire surface of these dental fixtures.

They can also cover gaps in your teeth to stop food from getting trapped in your smile and harming your oral health. Make sure you continue good oral hygiene with your veneers to get the most out of your cosmetic dental treatment.